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Oil Reclamation

TOC can increase the life of your manufacturing equipment and lubricants! Through the utilization of our filtration, vacuum dehydration and readditization, our fluid maintenance services can reduce shutdown maintenance, disposal costs, and prevent production failure. TOC utilizes the best technology, equipment and trained personnel in our reclamation services. Particle and water contamination are the leading causes of lubricant inefficiency and plant shutdowns. Our services can help remove these inefficiencies from your manufacturing process and are key to your preventative maintenance.

Thomas Oil Company Thomas Oil Company
Vacuum Dehydrator
Thomas Oil Company Thomas Oil Company
Portable Filtration Unit

Left: Before Right: After
Sample: ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil
Particulate - ISO 21/20/18 - NAS 10

Oils we service:

  1. Hydraulic Oil

  2. Turbine Oil

  3. Heat Transfer Oil

  4. Paper Machine Oil

  5. Gear Oil

  6. Spindle Oil

  7. Synthetics

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