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Industrial Waste Treatment

TOC is a pretreatment facility for the city of Franklin, IN. We are permitted through the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to treat non-hazardous oily waste streams. Since treatment began in September of 2015 we have been treating waste streams from multiple industrial manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio.

In order to maintain our green initiative, TOC batch treats all waste streams that are received. Through our treatment process we separate and recover the oil, and send the recovered water to the city’s municipal facility. Clean water is moved from processing tanks to clean water recycling tanks, where it is further analyzed. Once the stream has been cleared to meet the standards of our IDEM permit it is then recovered by the city.

Oil that is generated from the waste recycling is evaluated and then sent for re-sale through different outlets. Based on evaluation results the oil is either reclaimed, used as No. 4-6 burning fuel, or sent to be re-refined. Solids collected are pressed then dried and get sent off site to be incinerated. 

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Waste Treatment Before & After

Our process utilizes different treatment technologies:

  1. Flocculation

  2. Dissolved Oxygen

  3. pH Neutralization

  4. Filtration

  5. Carbon Filtration

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