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Industrial Lubricants

TOC warehouse interior tanks

TOC carries a selection of industrial lubricants. Built for a variety of applications, our products are sure to get the job done - no matter what you need them for. 

Our TRUE line of products are manufactured with the highest quality additives along with premium virgin Group II base oils. Our products meet or exceed OEM specifications that brand name lubricants offer. At TOC we believe that quality is key. Our products are manufactured and tested to guarantee optimal performance.

Here’s a list of our industrial lubricants:

  1. Hydraulic Fluid

    ISO VG 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100
    Premium AW, AW XTRA, Zinc Free, Hi-Lo, TDH
    Denison HF-0
    Cincinnati Machine P-68, P-69, P-70
    GM LS-2
    U.S. Steel 127, 136
    DIN 51524 Part II
    Eaton Vickers I-286-S, M-2950, 35VQ25A

  2. Slideway Lubricant

    ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 150, 220
    True Way, True Way HD, True Slide, True Slide X
    Cincinnati Machine P-47
    GM LS-2

  3. Gear Lubricants

    ISO VG 100,150, 220, 460, 680, 1000
    True Gear EP, True Gear LS, True Syn-Gear< True Worm
    GM LS-2 Specification LR for EP gear oil
    U.S. Steel 224 & German Steel SEB 181226
    ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02
    DIN 51517 Part I, II, III
    CM P35, P59, P74, P77
    Joy Machinery TO-SHEP & TO-SMEP

  4.  Turbine & Compressor

    ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220,
    True R&O, True T.O. Series, True AC, True Circulating Series
    GE Turbine Specifications [GEK 32568E & GEK 28143A]
    U.S. Steel 127,136/German Steel SEB 181222
    General Electric GEK-32568
    Eaton Vickers I-286-S, M-2950, 35VQ25A
    Bosch Rexroth RE 90220, Type HLP
    Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2s

  5. Rust Preventatives

    Water based and Solvent based
    True RP 10, 1813, 8891, 1951
    Water displacing fluid for ferrous & non-ferrous metals

  6. Spindle Lubricant

    Premium oxidation additives for high-speed machining
    True Spin 2, 10, 22, 32
    Cincinnati Machine P-38, P-55, P-57
    U.S. Steel 126

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